Silicon CPV – Dubai Creek Harbour Development

The following information outlines the key Environmental, Marketing and Sales benefits for the EMAAR, Dubai Creek Harbor Development; Bill board project.

The previous lighting solution consisted of the following – Quantity 95 Off, 400W Metal Halide Flood Light powered by Generator. Based on this setup we estimate that the diesel usage is approximately 300l/day. If this estimation is incorrect then the figures can be changed pro rata.

The array of Silicon CPV Solar powered LED lights will result in the following benefits with the removal of the diesel powered generator

  • CO2 reduction – The Diesel generated CO2 emissions is in excess of 263 metric tons per annum
  • Diesel usage – Generator Diesel saving of 110,000 litres per annum
  • Highly dangerous Nitrous Oxide produced by diesel generators – savings of approximately 3KG per annum will be achieved

The world’s first 700m wide by 10m high Bill Board, illuminated solely by Silicon CPV Solar Powered High Efficiency LED Lighting.

The Silicon CPV Solar Powered LED Lighting provides the following “best of breed” performance benefits.

  • Designed and manufactured by a leading British Company, Silicon CPV plc
  • The Light was designed to conform to the stringent requirements set by the British multinational engineering, design, project management and consulting services Atkins who were the design authority responsible for this project.
  • Best in the world, high efficiency 185 lumens / watt LED performance
  • Custom designed luminaire optics to provide superior uniformity for bill board applications
  • Silicon CPV designed bespoke, LED lighting Energy Management System (EMS) with inbuilt Wi-Fi, mesh networking, remote management and monitoring including custom user configuration
  • High temperature battery sub-system, designed for the extreme and tough environmental demands for this region of the world
  • Silicon CPV patented high efficiency, high power solar PV array
  • Installed by Dubai UK and locally trained installation, service and support engineers