We provide comprehensive photovoltaic (PV) solar energy solutions.

Silicon CPV is a UK developer, designer and leading provider of cost effective, commercial grade conventional and concentrated solar cells known as “Concentrated Photovoltaic Solar Arrays”, converting energy from the sun into renewable energy.

Over the last 10 years Silicon CPV has consistently achieved delivery of ground breaking technological designs and solutions for both commercial and power generating organisations. The solutions created by the company reduce and remove the dependency of the world on conventional fuel generation and current energy sources in the future by replacing traditional fuel sources.

R & D

Silicon CPV has worked continuously with universities around the world since 1995 funding research projects to bring emerging silicon technologies to commercial reality. These investments have provided the company with the opportunity to jump ahead of all other commercially available solutions that exist today in the worldwide market and have introduced the most efficient solutions offering lower cost/watt with higher radiation conversion per area of silicon.
Silicon CPV has research facilities in the UK and mobile manufacturing facilities allowing it to provide bespoke solutions for both on and off-grid power requirements, driving down costs and developing money-saving products and solutions to the renewable energy market.   In 2014 the company was awarded a Best Paper Prize for “A High Efficiency, Low-Cost IBC Cell” awarded by The Institute of Physics, Material and Characterisation Group, Loughborough University.


Humayun Mughal, CEO of siliconCPV

Prof Humayun Mughal

Founder and CEO

Humayun is passionate about the concept of solar power energy, created the foundations for Silicon CPV Ltd, a Research & Development and manufacturing facility for solar panels in the UK.

Youness Maamar. Non-Executive Chairman of SiliconCPV

Younes Maamar

Non-Executive Chairman

Younes has nearly 20 years’ experience in the Energy and Infrastructure sectors with a strong emphasis on emerging markets.

Alan Laffoley. Technical Director, SiliconCPV

Alan Laffoley

Chief Technical Director

Alan is responsible for all the development and technical aspects of the group’s products.

Wazz Mughal. Research and Development Director, SiliconCPV

Wassim Mughal

Chief Research and Development Officer

Wassim joined the Akhter Group in 2003 after graduating from Liverpool University with an Electrical Engineering & Electronics degree.